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Dear readers, If the Treaty of Rome is
Elisa Ferreira
3 milestones for inclusive recovery
EU municipalities and the twin challenges of digitalisation and climate change
Debora Revoltella Peter McGoldrick Fiscal austerity
The key role of cities in the Conference on the Future of Europe
Petzold Wolfgang Gosset Martin Kaye
Discovering Europe's next great journalists: the Megalizzi-Niedzielski Prize
Florin Rugina We live in an age
3D virtual exhibition: focus on interactivity and visibility
From 11 to 14 October, the 19th edition
# EURegio n s week: exch an ges for exper t s networking for polit icians
Lars Koenig For more than a
A week highlighting the spirit of our multifaceted EU!
Mikael Janson Northern Sweden consists of the
Apostolos Tzitzikostas
Regions and cities should be the cornerst ones of recovery in Europe
Younous Omarjee
Together for recovery and major transitions
A vision of ruralar eas that leaves no place behind
Important initiatives and policies are in place to
A new narrative for the EU's rural areas
On 30 June, the European Commission adopted a
New European Bauhaus: addressing global challenges through sustain able, inclusive and beautiful solutions at the lo cal level
Interinstitutional cooperation to ensure no one is left behind
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Europe and the
Regions and cities contributing to the debate on our common future
The pandemic has reshaped and highlighted the challenges
What local politicians think about the future of Europe?
Between 21 July and 9 Septem ber 2021,
2021 EU Annual Regional and Local Barometer
On 12 October 2021, the European Committee of
Boosting Europe's recovery: how different are the needs and challenges the European regions and cities are facing after the pandemic?
Looking into the future based on ESPON territorial evidence:
Cross-border cooperation in Europe is important to address future challenges
You will be hard pushed to find any
Quality of life and territorial development: what territories do we want in the future?
There is an increasing interest in integrating quality
Using Interregional flows to design better territorial policies
EU territories are experiencing unprecedented changes as economic
Realising the potential of digital transition for healthy ageing in the EU
There is no denying that Europeans are ageing
Metropolitan areas after COVID-19: a driver for a territorially balanced and green transition
The ongoing pandemic crisis has very clear ly
A call for change: the potential of transnational cooperation for a more integrated central Europe
What does the future hold for central Europe?
Covenant of Mayors: reinforcing the initiative at the national level
We all need to be committed to a
Modal Shift in Border Crossing Freight Transport - the Brenner Corridor as a Pilot
For decades, modal shift of freight transport from
What role for cultural heritage in promoting societal well-being?
Although achieving open, inclusive and collaborative societies is
Leaping from a primary to a quaternary sector in a rural EU border area
Lucia Huert as Brussels is all about
# EURegions Week: Social netowrking and policy updates
Kai Böhme The first time I attended
# EURegions Week: A stimulating events for researchers and policymakers
Giancarlo Cot ella I participated in the
Digitisation of public services and European digital sovereignty
In the province of Alicante (Spain), all levels