TerritoriALL - Green infrastructure and reuse of spaces

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Dubravka Šuica: How can we support people and regions to adapt to changing realities?Dubravka Šuica is Vice President of the European
Željko Uhlir: A strong Europe in a world of challengesŽeljko Uhlir is State Secretary at the Ministry
ForewordThe current pandemic has added to the numerous
Claude Turmes: Using ESPON in PolicymakingClaude Turmes is Minister for Energy and Spatial
Regenerating cities: The critical role of buildings" Reaching the goals of 2050 is not
Green Infrastructure in urban areasWhat is green infrastructure? Green infrastructure (GI) has
Cross-border cooperation in midst of COVID 19 crisisThe current unprecedented crisis has put to the
Green Infrastructure in the Netherlands: a policy-maker's perspectiveI was asked to reflect on the ESPON
More than 100 acres of new green surfaces in LjubljanaDegraded, overlooked and unused areas of the city
Circular management for greener citiesCircular management of spaces and buildings and green
How green is the reuse of spaces and buildings?In many cities, population growth puts pressure on
Sustainable regeneration of port citiesDespite overall growth in the maritime sector, many
Urbanisation and land-use practices in European regionsImproving urbanisation and land use practices in European
Improving knowledge about the reuse of spaces and buildingsThe new ESPON Policy Brief Reuse of Spaces
Cork’s docklands – learning from regeneration in a port cityOn 31 May 2019, Cork City expanded its
ESPON evidence in planning practice and policy developmentIt is commonly understood that the development of
A practical handbook for SDG 11 and 15The Urban Agenda partnerships on the circular economy
A practical tool to implement nature-based solutionsWe consider the topics of reuse of spaces
Territorial approach is crucial for sustainability goalsDaniel Baliński is deputy director of the Strategy
Urban green infrastructure and reuse of spaces and buildings: views from CroatiaCroatian towns and cities face similar challenges to
State of the European territory: A key contribution to the debate about the future EUAs a geographer and a Member of the
Healthy and active ageing is more important than everIn the Decade of Healthy Ageing (2020–2030), the
Shrinking Rural Areas: A fresh look at an old problemRural depopulation is not a new phenomenon. EU
The Hague and the urban circular collaborative economyJan Harko Post Jay Navarro Oviedo Triggered by
Scope and use of digital plan data platforms in EuropeIn the past decade, many European countries have
Changing ground: The future place of the productive cityOver the past decades, metropolitan areas across Europe
Localising SDG goalsIn 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the
A New ESPON tool for macroregions in EuropeThe new European and Macro-regional Territorial Monitoring (EMTM)
Technological transformation: Growth opportunities for lagging regions in EuropeThe 4.0 technological transformation rests on the creative
Success story: Quick Check Territorial Impact AssessmentIdentifying whether or not EU policies, or policies
ESPON FUORE: A tool beyond the classical administrative boundariesDevelopment and sustainability policies are looking progressively into
Territorial Quality of Life: ESPON measurementThe ESPON Quality of Life Measurements and Methodology
ESPON TOURISM –a tool for the tourism of the futureTourism is one of the largest economic sectors
Net impact of Interreg: statistical inferenceAs part of its transnational outreach efforts, ESPON
Entrepreneurial development niches for InterregThis article introduces potential niches for Interreg programmes
interreg EUROPANEuropean union European Regional Development Fund
URBACT Driving change for better cities
INTERactEU cities facing COVID-19: impact and responses URBACT,
Shaping the future of the ESPON programmeAs the next programming period approaches, the exchanges
Geography of COVID19 and first policy answers in European regionsThe sudden appearance and exponential increase in severe
Outlook for the German PresidencyThe COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the priorities of
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