TerritoriALL - Take no land no more: soil matte

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EditoriALLWiktor Szydarowski, ESPON EGTC Director
How is Wallonia addressing the challenge of spatial optimisation?Vice-President of Wallonia, Minister of Economy, Foreign Trade, Research and Innovation, Digital, Agriculture, Territorial Planning, IFAPME, and Competence Centres.
Boosting talent in the EUCristina Maestre Martin De Almagro, Member of the European Parliament
Land take in the EU Soil PolicyMirco Barbero, Policy officer, Soil Protection and Sustainable Land Use DG Environment, European Commission
No net land take in simple wordsMarjan van Herwijnen and Nikos Lampropoulos, ESPON EGTC
European soil health framework: why soil matters - the local and regional perspectivesFrida Nilsson, CoR rapporteur, member of Lidköping municipal council (Sweden)
The implications of land take, urban sprawl and soil sealing for people, businesses and the environmentNicoletta Merlo, Stoyan Tchoukanov, Florian Marin, EESC members and rapporteurs
ESPON Week in Mons | 5 & 6 JuneSeminar theme: No net land take - policies an practices in European regions
No land take in a cross-border metropolitan context: Province of Luxembourg and Grand Duchy of LuxembourgAlexandre Petit, Head of territorial strategy department, IDELUX Group
Comparative analysis of the concepts of soil sealing and land take in major European citiesAntoine Decoville and Valérie Feltgen, geographers, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER).
Urbanisation strategies for transregional or transnational valleys facing climate changeThomas Deridder, Director-General and Christian Bastin, Associate Researcher, Destrée Institute
No net land take policies, a recurring metropolitan affair?Henk Bouwman, secretary general of METREX
Calling a halt to land take in FlandersMargo Bienstman, Ann Pisman, Isabelle Loris and Stijn Vanderheiden, Department of Environment and Spatial Development Flanders
Built environment: Connecting the dots of circularitySerena Lisai, Project Officer, Built Environment Thematic Lead, ACR+
Land Use Policies: Local Solutions for Global ChallengesRudiger Ahrend, Andres Fuentes, Jaebeum Cho, Matteo Schleicher, OECD
A tool for improving land use: RUDIFUNArjan Harbers, Martijn Spoon and Hans van Amsterdam, PBL
Affordable and adequate housing - a common goal in the face of diverse contextsSelim Banabak, University Assistant, Franziska Sielker, Professor of Urban and Regional Research, Institute of Spatial Planning, TU Wien
New calls for tendersStrategic Autonomy Rules for Trade in European Regions
Flash backESPON seminar@Cuenca
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